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Envidas Ultimate


Emission, Air and Water Quality Monitoring System 


Envidas Ultimate, a trademark of Envitech Ltd is an intelligent, multi-function, multi-site high-performance Continuous Emissions Monitoring & data acquisition system. It is designed with affordability and versatility in mind.
Envidas Ultimate is a  CEM/AQM state-of-the-art system that uses non-proprietary desktop or industrial PC computer components to run flexible, environmental data management software. A wide variety of data acquisition cards and data loggers SCADA may be installed and communicate.
The software includes a set of software programs designed to perform data acquisition and control for environmental and process monitoring applications. Local reporting and graphical display capability is included, reflecting the air monitoring data.


Envitech Envidas Ultimate

The applications that included in the Envidas Ultimate SCADA system and makes it the best  Environmental Monitoring System are:


  • Envidas Ultimate Setup - Allows the administrator to configure all parameters required for Envidas operation, including sites, analyzers, methods of communication, monitors, users and their permissions, calibration sequences and so on.
  • Envidas Ultimate View - Allows the user to see the results of the configurations that were made through the Envidas Ultimate Setup program, presenting dynamic tables & traces of data, general and by each port, analyzer, calibration sequence and so on.
  • Envidas Service Manager -  Allows a user to start and stop the communication architecture utilized by Envidas Ultimate suite.
  • Envidas Ultimate Reporter - The data management application that allows to view, analyze, report, and distribute environmental quality data.
  • Envidas Ultimate Web - A web based interface for both public and private viewing of data.
  • Envidas Ultimate Viewer (Remote) - Envidas Ultimate View application plus the ability to use the Envidas Ultimate by remote control.
  • Camera View - Add this application (with separate desktop icon) to view all cameras in the system especially cameras in the CEM/AQM stations.


Envista ARM


Air Resources Manager


Envista Air Resources Manager, a trademark of Envitech Ltd, is a Windows Vista, client-server application for supervisory control, management and analysis of data from Environmental, Meteorological and Hydrological monitoring networks.
Envista ARM allows users to view, analyze, report and distribute environmental quality data across the full range of media.
Envista ARM client application runs under Windows 10 Pro., either locally or remotely. It provides comprehensive access to information collected by the CommCENTER communication application and stored in a SQL 2017/19 or ORACLE Server database on a Windows 2016/19 or Linux Server.
Database information for the air monitoring AQM stations is available via standard reports and displays, custom Envista AdHok reporter software and various third party applications.


 Envitech Envista ARM 

Envista Web


Internet Web Site System Prepared for National & Regional AQM Networks


Envista Web, a trademark of Envitech Ltd, is designed to allow you to publish your environmental data which has been captured using Envista ARM environmental data management software onto the World Wide Web.
Designed especially with the needs of public bodies and other agencies with a responsibility for environmental & air monitoring and reporting, Envista Web provides a simple route to publication either to concerned citizens or within your organization through an Intranet.


Envitech Envista Web


Main Features


  • Microsoft ASP. Net application for Windows Server 2003, 2003 WEB Edition, XP Pro. and Windows Vista..
  • Windows 2000/2003, Linux and Solaris database servers.
  • SQL Server 2005 or Oracle9i/10g DB.
  • Multithreaded communication with data loggers and instruments.
  • Off the shelf Internet/Intranet web site
  • Multi-lingual design.
  • Multi-document interface.
  • Completely menu-driven.
  • Designed for National/State AQM Network
  • Drill down to regional and site specific displays.
  • Dynamic Tabular displays
  • GIS Navigation map (SHP Format).
  • Station Dash Board (On Line Gauges)
  • On-Line data transfer from Envista ARM via LAN/WAN or FTP
  • Data analysis and reporting         
  • Download reports as ASCII, Excel, Word and PDF Files.
  • General information screens
  • Download area of monthly and annual reports.
  • Links to Environmental Monitoring and Information sites
  • Complete  administration tools



Refrigerators Temperature Manager


Envitech Envista Refrigerators Temperature Monitoring

Main Features


  • Microsoft .NET C# programs for Windows Vista & XP Pro.
  • Windows 2003/8, Linux and Solaris database servers.
  • Client-Server, Smart Client and Web applications.
  • SQL Server 2005/8 or Oracle9i/10g DB.
  • Multi-threaded communication with data logger units.
  • Internet and intranet networking support.


General Aspects


Envista Refrigerators Temperature Monitoring, a trademark of Envitech Ltd, is a Windows 7/Vista/XP Pro., client-server & web application for supervisory control, management and analysis of Temperature, Relative Humidity and other data from Refrigerators, Freezers, Incubators, Warehouses and Cold Room monitoring networks.
Envista RTM Data Management program allows users to view, analyze, report and distribute temperature level data across the full range of media.


Further Features 


  • Interface entirely menu-driven.
  • Alert/Alarm transmission via SMS & email.
  • Collects data from remote sites at scheduled times or upon request.
  • Manages up to 9999 remote sites.
  • Dynamic displays.
  • GIS dynamic map (SHP Format) viewer.
  • On the fly QA.
  • Automatic data backups.
  • Data analysis and reporting.
  • GMP 211.186 data secure and reporting compliance.
  • Data editing/validating, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.

Envista RTM Brochure



Dynamic Dashboard Displays


The Envitech Triple-D (Dynamic Dashboard Displays) Public Information Software package is used to present environmental monitoring information and data to the public. It creates public information presentations that are then displayed on flat panel displays, kiosks and TV screens. The Triple-D software is dependent on the configuration of the air monitoring network from which data will be displayed.

Envitech Triple-D


This Envitech Ltd software is written in C# .net language and built on WPF technology.It installed on a local PC that drives the display or kiosk. Typically this PC is a small industrial unit or laptop. For example the unit may be packaged within the base of the kiosk or behind the wall holding the large display.

Data from a central data management system is used in the displays. If the Triple-D PC is connected to a WAN containing the central data management database, it can receive data directly from that database. More commonly data collected by the central data system is automatically exported to a local copy of the network database. This data transfer can be done over a modem connection using the CommCenter software. The local database on the Triple-D PC is set up using the Envista ARM Setup program.